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Telemedicine Collaboration Solution

CENSON® Care telemedicine solution is easily adaptable by medical clinics and care providers to any condition or chronic disease.

Telemedicine solution

Doctors and hospitals have often found that they required multiple e-healthcare solutions to monitor patients who have a range of different diagnoses.

This has been one of the obstacles making it difficult to harvest telemedicine solutions economic benefits. There is many different telemedicine providers on the market – but we offer a unique and a universal e-health solution to meet your need.

CENSON® Telemedicine supports off-the-shelf medical devices and tablets – and takes advantage of cloud technology to enable scaling.

And most important: we have succeeded in achieving simplicity – an elusive quality in any digital health project. We offer top of the line and unique telemedicine solutions with the CENSON®  Care web portal and tablet app.

The system consists of the following major parts:

  • A HIPAA compliant web application for the clinician, so that health care professionals can receive measurements, view and analyze patient health data, initiate video consultations with the patient, and prepare clinical workflows.
  • A tablet app for the patient, which uses a unique clinical workflow to guide the patient through capturing measurements.
  • A large variety of connected measurement devices.  A central data repository with IHE-XDS, HL7-CDA, and REST interfaces.

CENSON® Telemedicine supports secure data exchanges between relevant entities, and can provide operational management necessary to implement and use the solution.


The mobile app connects to devices through Bluetooth, a USB or the Internet. The solution supports a wide range of medical devices, some of which include:

Platform and portal

Web portal for clinicians

The clinical web portal is the health care professional’s doorway to patient interaction, and can be a fully-integrated solution for existing clinical applications.

CENSON® Telemedicine enables interaction between health care professionals and patients through the use of videos, messages, and advanced data analysis.

The web portal makes real-time video visits between patients and clinicians possible.

Mobile app

Patients can manage their own health data using the mobile app, which supports the monitoring and management of single or multiple long-term conditions on one platform.

Clinical workflow


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Clinical workflow is essential to the CENSON® platform.

To keep the system simple and focused, CENSON® Telemedicine contains a unique clinical workflow feature which simulates a doctor-patient consultation.

Doctors can design the so-called clinical workflows in the web portal and they are presented in the user-friendly patient tablet app for the patient to carry out.

The clinical workflow includes questions and requests to make health measurements using medical devices – and has a specific workflow for one or more diseases.

Depending on the patient’s condition or disease, the patient can be asked to carry out one or more clinical workflows in order to give all the necessary information to the doctors at the hospital or the health care organization.

The clinical workflow changes direction depending on the patients response, giving the doctor accurate information about the patient’s health. All of this is encompassed in the clinical workflow.


With costs starting at just $19 per month, you can see how this can help increase your revenues, provide a edge over your competitors, and improve the level of service provided to your patients.

Please contact us for more information about our telemedicine services and telehealth solutions.