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Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions

We offer top of the line and unique Remote Patient Monitoring solutions with the CENSON®  Care web portal and tablet app.

remote patient monitoring solutions

CENSON® Care Remote Patient Monitoring solutions supports off-the-shelf medical devices and tablets – and takes advantage of cloud technology to enable scaling.

This has been one of the obstacles making it difficult to harvest telemedicine solutions economic benefits. There is many different telehealth providers on the market – but we offer a unique and a universal e-health solution to meet your need.

Web portal and tablet app

As a telehealth provider CENSON® Care allows the care provider to design a clinical workflow, or to use existing workflows designed by providers worldwide.

The workflow is processed by the patient on a user-friendly tablet app, according to a defined schedule.

With the user-friendly tablet optimized app:

  •  Patient instructions are provided
  •  Diagnostic questions are answered
  •  Vitals signs are monitored
  •  Video consultation can be established

The CENSON® Care Remote Patient Monitoring solution comes pre-configured and ready to run, with options including:

Remote Patient Monitoring Resources

  • Glucose Meter (Optional Diabetes Kit)
  • ECG (Optional Cardio Kit)
  • Spirometer (Optional Pulmonary Kit)
  • Inhaler (Optional Pulmonary Kit)

All data recorded in the app are instantly available to clinicians on the CENSON® Care Remote Patient Monitoring web portal.

Telemedicine and telehealth is proven to make a positive difference in patients quality of life. Our Remote Patient Monitoring services enables remote patient monitoring and engage patients in their own health and well being.


With costs starting at just $19 per month, you can see how this can help increase your revenues, provide a edge over your competitors, and improve the level of service provided to your patients.

Please contact us for more information about our telemedicine and Remote Patient Monitoring solutions.