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Remote Patient Monitoring Nebraska

Nebraska Medicaid will reimburse for remote patient monitoring when certain requirements are met.

• Telemonitoring is covered only when the services are from the originating site;
• The client is cognitively capable to operate the equipment or has a willing and able person to assess in the transmission of electronic data;
• The originating site has space for all program equipment and full transmission capability;
• The provider maintains a client’s record supporting the medical necessity of the service.

Paid at daily per diem-rate and includes:

• Review and interpretation of client data;
• Equipment and all supplies, accessories, and services necessary for proper functioning and use of equipment;
• Medically necessary visits to the home by a health care practitioner;
• Training on the use of the equipment and completion of necessary records.

No additional or separate payment is allowed.

Source: NE Admin. Code Title 471 Sec. 1-006.07, Ch. 1, Manual Letter #52-2016, p. 18-19. (Accessed Sept. 2019).