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remote patient monitoring

CENSON® Care remote patient monitoring allows the physician to design a clinical telemedicine workflow, or to use existing workflows designed by doctors collaborating.

The telemedicine workflow is processed by the patient on a user-friendly tablet app, according to a defined schedule.

With the user-friendly tablet optimized app:

  •  Instructions are, provided
  •  Diagnostic questions are answered
  •  Vitals signs are monitored
  •  Video consultation can be established

All data recorded in the app are instantly available to clinicians on the the CENSON® Care web portal.

Telemedicine and telehealth is proven to make a positive difference in patients quality of life. Our telemedicine services enables remote patient monitoring and engage patients in their own health and well being.

To keep the system simple and focused, CENSON® Care remote patient monitoring contains a unique clinical workflow feature which simulates a doctor-patient consultation.  Doctors can design the so-called clinical workflows in the web portal and they are presented in the user-friendly patient tablet app for the patient to carry out.

The clinical workflow includes questions and requests to make health measurements using medical devices – and has a specific workflow for one or more diseases.  Depending on the patient’s condition or disease, the patient can be asked to carry out one or more clinical workflows in order to give all the necessary information to the doctors at the hospital or the health care organization.

The clinical workflow changes direction depending on the patients response, giving the doctor accurate information about the patient’s health. All of this is encompassed in the clinical workflow.

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