Nokia GO Activity & Sleep Tracker

Go easy

Walk, run, swim & sleep: Go recognizes and tracks it all, automatically. The only thing you need to do? Wear it.

The screen always shows you how close you are to your goal and lets you know when you've achieved it. In the Health Mate app you'll get rewards, advice, and the option to invite your friends to join you for some healthy competition.

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Go for it

Motivation to go the extra mile: Go screen always displays how active you've been each day, and how far you are from your goal. Go also automatically syncs with the highly-rated Health Mate app to provide you with in-depth metrics.

Go Further

Automatically track run and swim sessions and see them come to life in the app. Go is sweatproof and water-resistant to 50m so you never have to stop.

Thanks to the energy-saving E Ink screen, the Go display never quits and reads perfectly in all conditions. Bright sunlight and water? No problem. You'll always see your activity progress and you can access the watch function at any time without ever worrying about your battery.

Go for a bite

Food logging helps you stay on track, but it doesn't give you the big picture. Go will tell you what you burn each day, and with nutrition integration, you can easily find the right balance between what you're taking in and the effort you're putting out.

Go to bed

How much and how well you sleep is crucial to your health. Lack of quality sleep can lead to accidents and to an increased risk of chronic diseases. But Go never sleeps: you go to bed; it goes to work. Then you wake up to a comprehensive sleep cycle analysis that can help you know how to have better nights.

Go for versatility

How will you want to wear it? Every Go comes with a wristband and a clip so you can decide on the look and feel that works for you. You can also easily customize your Go screen by choosing white on black, or black on white in your settings.

Nokia GO Activity Tracker