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Access to CENSON Care Board registered physicians with years of experience.  Back that up with a team of State Licensed Nurses, Therapists, and Pharmacists, and you can see why CENSON Care is a leader in Healthcare.


Contact your health care provider using our friendly app 24/7.  No more waiting on hold!

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Our multi-discipline team of physicians, nurses, therapists, and pharmacists are available online and ready to help.


With Doctors ready to help you now – and they already have your latest vitals.

Affordable and Transparent Pricing.






Basic health monitoring and services for a single adult. Available in covered areas.

My Family



Basic health monitoring and services for a family of two adults and two children. Available in covered areas.

Insurance Not Required

Pay direct, or we can bill your insurer directly. And our 24/7 active monitoring is always free of charge.

Healthcare Anywhere & Unlimited Access

You are always in control of your health with CENSON Care. Choose your Doctor, get the cheapest medications, and rest easy knowing we can actively monitor your vital signs 24/7.

Available Anytime & Immediate Support

Electronic medical record (EMR) retrieval and storage in one place Track vital signs, calorie counts, and fitness readings Telehealth counseling with verified, board-certified physicians and wellness coaches Easy, at-home lab test ordering Get free, Same or next day delivery of medications and lab tests in most locations*

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My experience was great

With CENSON Care I know what my health services costs are upfront, and the low monthly subscription in very affordable.

Jack Gungell
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Hey, greatest service around

Finally, I get medical care – not just treatment!  With direct primary care from CENSON Care, I feel that I am finally in control of my health.

Mike Scorick


CENSON Care leverages direct primary care and the scope of the digital health ecosystem in order to bring direct primary care to every patient.

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