Digital Assistant for Home Health Care

Digital Assistant for Home Health Care

The CENSON® Digital Assistant for Home Health Care is designed to reduce time-consuming & stressful tasks: It uses a smart AI program to understand your voice and helps you all along your day.  Whether you need the latest weather and news, or a reminder of your next Doctor’s appointment, your personal assistant is there to help.

Need help reading and writing emails?  Your CENSON® Digital Assistant will read your email to you, and transcribe and send your response – all by listening to your commands.

Having a hard time keeping on top of your medication schedule?  Well, you guessed it, your CENSON® Digital Assistant will remind you, and make a note of when and what you took.  Never miss, or not be sure of, taking your medication ever again.

Loved ones and clients are ready to maintain their independence while living in their house with smart, assistive technology. Affordable, simple-to-use solutions that provide care improvements and peace of mind to support clinics, care providers and families.

CENSON® Care is uniquely positioned to recommend, develop, utilise and improve the connected home health care solutions you would like to enhance your care outcomes — today, and into the future.

Although healthy ageing and independent living technologies won’t change the necessity for human touch, it sure helps to consider more care options.

Hello! How Can I Help?

There is a multitude of things your CENSON® Digital Assistant for Home Health Care can do for you to make your life so much easier. To find out more call 1-877-999-9563 now.
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