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body fat is toxic

Body Fat is a Toxic Risk

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s easy to forget one of the largest health challenges we face remains the global obesity epidemic.

Digital Assistant for Home Health Care

Digital Assistant for Home Health Care

The CENSON® Digital Assistant for Home Health Care is designed to reduce time-consuming & stressful tasks: It uses a smart AI program to understand your voice and helps you all along your day.  Whether you need the latest weather and news, or a reminder of your next Doctor’s appointment, your personal assistant is there to help. Need help reading and writing emails?  Your CENSON® Digital Assistant will read your email to you, and transcribe… Read More »Digital Assistant for Home Health Care

fetal heart monitoring

Fetal Monitoring

Fetal monitoring occurs when trained care providers use tools to monitor and interpret the baby’s heartbeat during labor and birth.

wearables for health care

Health Conditions Telehealth Monitored

CENSON® Remote Patient Monitoring supports health monitoring of single or multiple long-term conditions including: COPD CENSON®  can be used effectively in the management of numerous long-term conditions, and has proven successful in helping patients with COPD. Many COPD patients lead lives shrouded in anxiety and worry. They feel anxious when they have difficulty breathing, and they worry about getting pneumonia and having to be hospitalized – again. Family members of… Read More »Health Conditions Telehealth Monitored