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Care for Older Adults

WellPastFifty® Care for Older Adults

Care for Older Adults

 Our Remote Patient Care services enables remote patient monitoring and engage patients in their own health and well being.

Care options that your agency could provide include:

Hospital at Home

WellPastFifty® allows the care provider to design a clinical workflow, or to use existing workflows designed by care providers worldwide.

The workflow is processed by the patient on a user-friendly tablet app, according to a defined schedule.

With the user-friendly tablet optimized app:

  •  Patient instructions are provided
  •  Diagnostic questions are answered
  •  Vitals signs are monitored
  •  Video consultation can be established

All data recorded in the app are instantly available to clinicians on the CENSON® Care web portal.


Remote Patient Monitoring

The WellPastFifty® Remote Patient Monitoring allows health monitoring of any condition or chronic disease.

You are able to remotely monitor a range of chronic health conditions including COPD, CHF, Diabetes, Asthma, and more.  All data recorded in the app are instantly available to clinicians on the WellPastFifty® Remote Patient Monitoring web portal.


Hospice at Home

WellPastFifty® Hospice at Home in not intended to replace traditional hospice home care visits, but rather supports and enhances your home health agency care, ensuring that the needs of patients are addressed in the most caring, timely, effective, and efficient manner possible. 

WellPastFifty® Telemedicine supports off-the-shelf medical devices and tablets – and takes advantage of cloud technology to enable scaling.

And most important: we have succeeded in achieving simplicity – an elusive quality in any IT project. We offer top of the line and unique telemedicine solutions with the WellPastFifty® web portal and tablet app.

The system consists of the following major parts:

  • A HIPAA compliant web application for the care provider or Home Health Care Agency so that health care professionals can receive measurements, view and analyze patient health data, initiate video consultations with the patient, and prepare clinical workflows.
  • A tablet app for the patient, which uses a unique clinical workflow to guide the patient through capturing measurements.
  • A large variety of connected measurement devices. 

WellPastFifty® supports secure data exchanges between relevant entities, and can provide operational management necessary to implement and use the solution.

What are the Care options?

Essentially, we can provide 24/7/365 monitored care for older adults, in their home, supported by our staff and in accordance with the care plan.  Want to find out more?  Give us a call on 888-564-8829 or use the chat function below.